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Online Fitness Challenge

Join Katie Carter Fitness' workout challenges and nutrition challenges to feel supported and inspired as you work towards your health goals.

Katie Carter crouching in the gym preparing for the Katie Carter Health & Fitness online fitness challenge.

CHALLENGE = growth

Katie Carter Fitness' group online fitness challenges aren't just about competing against others or winning a prize⁠—it's about challenging yourself to prioritize your health in whatever way you need while feeling supported and inspired!

Available as a monthly subscription or in sets of 12 or 24 weeks at a discounted rate, our online group fitness challenges can be started at anytime. This online workout program is designed to be not just a short phase, but the foundation of your ongoing fitness journey.


Join anytime and continue the challenge for as long as you'd like in order to achieve sustainable, long-term results! Oh yeah, and did we mention we choose a winner every 4 weeks to receive a $150 prize? Keep scrolling for all the details below. Let's do this!

Katie Carter from katie carter fitness doing gym exercises in an online workout challenge.


What You'll Gain:

Ready to crush your fitness goals with an affordable group coaching challenge that makes you feel empowered? Here's what you get:

✓ The support and guidance you need to achieve ANY goal: fat loss, muscle growth, body recomposition, reverse diet, etc.

✓ A structured workout program with 4-5 workouts per week, warm-ups, and cardio (new phase every four weeks).

✓ Personalized macronutrient and nutrition goal.

✓ Join from anywhere with access to the Katie Carter Fitness workout challenge app.

✓ New recipe ideas every month.

✓ Private group coaching community and access to a private, supportive Facebook page.

✓ Weekly group check-ins via Facebook with macro adjustments, nutrition advice, mindset support, guidance, form feedback, etc.

✓ Monthly group check-ins via Zoom.

✓ 3 monthly webinars covering various topics about mindset, nutrition, fitness and prize draws. Recordings are also posted in the Facebook page.

✓ Monthly challenges with $150 prize given to one challenge winner every 4 weeks. 

How The Group Challenges Work


✓ For our monthly subscription programs, you can join anytime, set up automatic monthly payments, and cancel anytime. 


✓ Commit for 12 weeks for entry into 3 back-to-back challenges and save!

✓ Commit for 24 weeks for entry into 6 back-to-back challenges and save even more!!


✓ Purchase your program and fill out the information to get started.

✓ Your start date will be the Monday after you join the challenge.

✓ Separate fitness plans are available depending on whether you workout at home or at the gym. We will get this information from you after your purchase. 

✓ Monthly feedback form must be submitted to be eligible for prizes.

✓ The monthly fitness challenge winner is chosen based on effort, daily habits, overcoming challenges, improving mindset, and consistency. This isn't about being better than someone else—it's all about growing into a better you!

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Which group workout challenge is best for you?

With four ways to join, it's easy to work Katie Carter Fitness group coaching challenges to your lifestyle and budget. Select the option that works best for you to get started!

Looking for something different?

If our group online fitness challenge isn't quite what you're looking for, check out some of our other coaching offerings including 1:1 fitness coaching, custom online workout programs, online workout subscriptions, nutrition consultations, and in-person personal training in Kelowna, BC.

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