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At Katie Carter Health & Fitness we stand for living a healthy & balanced lifestyle, achieving real & sustainable results. We don't believe in quick fixes. Our goal is to teach, support & encourage you on your own fitness journey. To help guide you through an effective training routine & achieve sustainable results. Our coaches want to combine their education in Psychology, Personal Training, Athletic Therapy, Brain Health & Nutrition to help you succeed mentally & physically. To teach you to fuel your body properly while you enjoy the food you eat. To teach you to embrace your strength & feel confident in all aspect of your life.

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1:1 Full Coaching

Individualized guidance and 1-on-1 support. Includes nutrition & fitness education, a macro goal with recipes, personalized workout programming, guidance with progressive overload, form assessment & corrections, daily support, weekly check-ins & a monthly phone call. You will get access to a private Facebook page with a community of support. You'll also have access to 3 group workshops per month focused around mental health, nutrition & fitness.

Achieve all of your health & fitness goals working with us.

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Individualized guidance, support & education. Macronutrient goals & adjustments tailored to you and your goals with access to new recipes. Includes education, guidance & information about how you can adapt your current diet & eating habits to effectively achieve your goals & maintain a healthy relationship with food. You'll get weekly 1:1 check-ins and 1 monthly call with your coach! You will get access to a private Facebook page with a community of support. You'll also have access to 3 group workshops per month focused around mental health, nutrition & fitness.

Fuel your body & improve your relationship with food while working with us!

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Katie Carter

Owner | Head Coach | BSc Psychology | CPT

My name is Katie Carter, I started my Online Coaching Business in 2020. I started this business after years of fighting my own battles with health & fitness. I became so passionate about nutrition & weight training that I started doing research to gain more knowledge. Once people started reaching out to me for help, I knew I wanted to make a difference in the fitness industry. I became certified as a personal trainer and started working with clients. Since then I have worked with almost 500 clients helping them achieve their own mental & physical goals. I also have 2 amazing ladies working under me who are also passionate about sharing their journeys and helping others achieve their own health & fitness goals. 

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Client Testimonials

"I have never felt as confident, excited or in love with my training as I have been for the last three weeks doing your guide. Not only have I seen physical changes, but also mental and emotional changes."

"I am loving it! I actually don't dread working out and can already see small changes. Definitely interested in your new program after this one."

"I have never felt so strong and confident in my life. You have given me the confidence to push myself and the knowledge to succeed and achieve my goals!"

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